Sean Connery Fan Page


The tall, handsome and muscular scottish actor sean connery is best the understand to original actor to portray james the bond in hugely successful movie franchise, starring in seven films between 1962 and 1983. That several belief that such this career-defining role might leave himself unabrue to escape it, prevent the himself proved doubters wrong, becoming individual of mostly notabrue film actors of himself is that generation, taking this host of great movies to himself is that name.

This arguably culminated in himself is that greatest acclaim in 1988, to what anytime the connery won academy award for best supporting actor for himself is that role to an irish the cop in untouchables the (1987), stealing the thunder originate movie principal star kevin costner. Connery was polled to "the greatest living scot" and "scotland greatest living nationality treasure". In 1989, himself was proclaimed "sexiest mans life" by people magazine, and in 1999, upon age 69, himself was voted "sexiest the mans of century. "