Prince Needs Money To Reclaim Throne


Greetings, Dear Sir!
Please let me to introduce myself. I am a prince from the Principality of Republic of Zekawululand. I wish to offer you the opportunity of lifetime in this exclusive offer. I was overthrown by by cousin, the evil Batu, in the most vilest of coups using foul sorcery.

My brother using sorcery

The Opportunity

This is why I am calling your help. I need money to hire an army of South African mercenaries that had served as my personal bodyguards before. But now that I am destitute, they have abandoned me for the by evil brother. If you support me in this coup, I will make sure you will be made a great lord of the realm and have access to the best princess in the realm.

Donate Today, and I will make you get 30000% of your investment
p.s. donate in gold bars only